A Novice’s Perspective


Mid-August is the time of year when the bowling club sets up special tournaments for its new members, known as ‘Greens’. So, with a little trepidation, I signed up for the Men’s Green Singles. Since the only other entrant was Fred, the club decided that we would play a best of three games format.


The winner of a game is the player who is the first to reach 21 points. The first game was played on a cloudy Monday evening. It started badly for me. Fred steadily accumulated points in each end, until the score reached 15 to 5. By then I was resigned to accepting a resounding defeat at the hands of Fred’s very adept delivery and accurate read of the lawn surface.


But then, just when all hope seemed to be vanishing, I scored a point. Then, another point. Then, 3 points. A little later, 4 points! The first thing we knew, the score was tied at 17 each. It went back and forth until the score was 19-19. Everyone else had finished and had left the bowling green; lightning was flashing over the lake, and we were into our 22nd end… Well, Fred came through with 3 points and won the game. It was very exciting, made me realize that this is the kind of game where you should never give up.


The second game was played four nights later, a Thursday. This time, the full moon was out and the weather was very pleasant. Perhaps a few too many mosquitoes, though, but that’s okay… This game also started very badly for me. I couldn’t get a good reading of the line. In fact, I imagined that there was a hump in the middle of rink No. 7 that was causing my bowls to roll like a golf putt on a swale. On top of that, I somehow delivered three bowls with the wrong bias!  That meant 75¢ in the Alzheimer kitty at the bar… In no time, I was down 12 to 2, I believe. Then the coolest thing happened once again: I started picking off a point here, then a point there, until, wonder of wonders; the score was tied 15 all! Then the fun began: Fred and I traded leads until the 24th end, when the score was by now a whopping 20-20! By now, I had finally figured out the line that went over this imaginary hump; three bowls were delivered very close to the jack. And I took the game 24-20!


So here we are, all tied up with one game apiece. The eventual outcome will be determined in a few days time, but having so much fun will probably make the win or loss seem not as important as just getting out there and playing the game!



- Bob ‘Green’ Rondeau